Green semi-lush grass, grayed by the basking leaves of tall, thick trees, hosted the annual LMPSU BBQ. It welcomed both old and new feet and the ever so often bun crumb. Warm BBQ smoke coloured the air while lively chatter radiated throughout.  The talk of free food drew all LMPers (and non LMPers as well – we don’t discriminate) with the greatest anticipation for the incoming second years.

Typically, one would walk past the UTSU building and really only take note of the painted Wall-E  roof architecture thing. But, with an aura of smoky BBQ aromas, it inevitably said, “big, awesome, party happening right here, right now.” With the academic year quickly approaching, it was time to greet the incoming second years and what better way to do it than with hamburgers and hotdogs grilled by our very own VP Social, Michael Nguyen. Like the natural born rebel that he is, Michael went at the BBQ apron-less, shamelessly dropping a patty or two through the grill bars. Regardless, great tasting protein patties made their way to Charles Lee, our internal affairs officer and temporary food server of the day.

DSC_0019      DSC_0050

One by one, young innocent faces started showing up and ah, of course, they were the second years we were all waiting for! Without a doubt, awkwardness lingered for a while and it probably didn’t help that we were stuffing our faces. However, with the efforts of the upper years, I think they integrated well. For all the incoming second years: it may still feel superficial now, but remembering my time as a second year, I know just how much you’ll come to know each other and love the LMP community. Having Dr. Templeton, current students and alumni congregate together reaffirmed the tight-knit support group the program provides.

DSC_0080     DSC_0045

Finally, congratulations to this year’s exec committee for successfully organizing and hosting our first LMPSU event! (Also, what a coincidence that we’re all toting LMP colours?)


Till next time,

Your webmaster, Lisa