Frequently Asked Questions

Is LMP only offered as a specialist program?

Yes. However, non specialists may also take LMP301H (Introduction to the Biochemistry of Human Disease) and LMP363H (Principles of Pathobiology). With permission from the department, LMP365 (Neoplasia) can also be taken

How do I apply for the specialist program?

LMP's pathobiology specialist is a Type 3 Subject POSt so prospective students should apply through the Arts & Science Registrar's during the Subject POSt enrollment period. Keep an eye out for type 3 application deadlines!

What sort of marks would I be expected to have to be accepted into the program?

It depends on the course marks and averages in a given year but generally a cGPA of at least mid 3.8's would be considered competitive.

Committing to a pathobiology specialist seems very limiting. Could I minor/major in another area?

Absolutely! Even though LMP is very interdisciplinary, many of our LMP students actually hold majors/minors in other programs of study in addition to their specialist such as biochemistry, chemistry, and psychology. It's just a matter of managing your time and organizing the right courses to take.