LMPSU Summer BBQ 2015


Another year, another grill. A bright, warm day rich with the hues of summer flooded Hart House Circle. Air was filled with the brilliant whirls of BBQ smoke which harmoniously accompanied the laughter of all those who attended. The patterned shapes cast by the lush of idle trees danced across the sun tanned skins of current and new LMP students, grads and undergrads alike. And with that, a new year was welcomed.


After much anticipation, especially from the unforeseen weather conditions, LMPSU’s annual summer BBQ day was finally happening. With a great deal of careful planning, the exec team was ready to deliver mounds of free food. Literally. Handmade beef burgers crowded the grill, so fat that they had to be cut in half to ergonomically fit in to the bun and in our mouths. Both burgers and hotdogs were paired with bakery fresh buns, really making the occasion feel even more special. The grill was fearlessly handled by our External Affairs Officer, Frank Hyun, and Co-president Charles Lee (with the help from the ladies of the exec team of course 😉 ). Together, all meat proteins were safely denatured (wooho!).



The most exciting part of the event rolled around when our lovely, eager and fresh faced (soon to be stress filled, sleep deprived) incoming second years arrived! Naïve, relaxed and innocent, they reflected what we senior students once were. Enjoy it while it lasts, kids. Upper year LMP students flocked about and helped welcome the incoming LMPers to the family. Some great bonding moments were fantastically captured by our super pro Internal Affairs Officer, Ashley Zhang.



11928711_593088310831753_66460431824199202_oWith the foreboding fall semester approaching, we encourage all LMP students to enjoy and appreciate what is left of the summer. Relax! Breath it all in while the air isn’t stabbing your lungs and giving you pneumonia. Oh wait that’s winter. But let’s be honest, fall lasts like maybe 2 months. Maybe.

11953409_593086787498572_640486048193997339_o11896412_593086050831979_2859623784378599456_oWe hope to see you all, especially new faces, at all our upcoming events. Stay tuned!

AND YES I, YOUR WEBMASTER, IS BACK. *puts shades on*


Till next time,