Academic Seminar with Dr. Pollanen

Many LMP students and alumni joined Dr. Pollanen on a seminar discussing the features of forensic pathology. With a nearly packed house, it was one of the most highly attended academic seminars we’ve had yet! After all, who doesn’t love a good mystery crime session? Dr. Pollanen walked us through a real life Canadian case titled “R vs Noseworthy” (Yes, that is google-ble).

IMG_3303    IMG_3311

IMG_3322IMG_3339What began as a seemingly natural description of an elderly woman’s death, ended with a criminal case of manslaughter. He started by presenting us an image of an elderly woman, who was noted to have suffered dementia, and described how a pathologist would assess her key autopsy features, everything from her clothing to the colour of her skin. Her unkempt appearance, apparent stench and multicoloured skin spots indicated neglect and abuse. It was really starting to feel like I was in an episode of “Criminal Minds”! The evidence pointed out to an unnatural cause of death despite her apparent congestive heart disease. After much discussion, it was resolved that the son of the elderly woman had been physically abusing her and had been depriving her the necessities of life! Crazy turn of events, eh?


The case brought light to the mind of a forensic pathologist and insight onto what a career in forensic pathology may be like. For anyone who is interested and would like to learn more, take Dr. Pollanen’s LMP415: Forensic Pathobiology next year!


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