LMP 1T6 Family Dinner

The second-going-on-third years are at it again, colluding to take over LMPSU. This time, headquarters temporarily moved to Museum Tavern. However, thanks to the warm, lax air of July and the ever so alluring aroma of meat, they were swayed away from their evil plans and instead took the opportunity to further bond as a group.

LMPSU - Fam Dinner 8(9)

Candle lights, checkerboard floors and wooden wall panels emanated an old rustic feel as the restaurant welcomed the group. With everyone having a busy summer whether it be researching, volunteering, working or studying, it was nice to catch up especially over delicious food. We enjoyed the liking of all sorts of  protein platters from buttermilk fried chicken to duck buns to baby back ribs.

LMPSU Fam Dinner - 2014, 8(7)       LMPSU - Fam Dinner 8(12)       

We laughed, joked, contemplated about our course selection, and even caught sight of a celebrity (or so we think, definitely reaffirmed by the neighbouring table’s shrewd attempts at snapping a pic via selfie-ing). The dinner ended with blueberry pie, chocolate cake and sorbet.

LMPSU Fam Dinner - 2014, 8(3)

But, the night is never over without a  game board session to finish it all off! We went on to play Wits & Wagers with our knowledge of random (and often American) trivia tested. It was definitely a sweet end to the beginning of an exciting third year.


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That’s right, LMPSU is holding a BBQ and of course that means free food!

Come down to Hart House Circle on August 6th, 1-4pm to enjoy an afternoon of free snacks, drinks, burgers, hotdogs, and their vegetarian counterparts. But hold on, BBQ grilled meat patties on a bun not your cup of tea? Not to worry, this is also a great opportunity to welcome and meet the incoming second year LMP specialists.

All LMP undergraduates including specialists and non specialists are welcome. Let’s make this a great kick off start to the new academic year!