Director’s Message

Message from the Director

Welcome to the Pathobiology Specialist program at U of T. If you are already a student in this program, you are here because you have demonstrated superior academic performance and a desire to learn about research into the mechanisms of disease. Our goal is to make sure you have a rewarding experience with us, so that whatever PhD, MD, or MD/PhD program you subsequently progress to, you are well prepared to place amongst the top of your peers. Part of that is your responsibility, which is why we select you based on proven strong academic performance, and the rest is ours; teaching and learning are a not-so-vicious cycle that we participate in together. A part of this exchange goes on in the classroom, and we maintain a roster of courses that touch upon various areas of the science underlying disease processes, presented increasingly in a context of current research as you progress to 4th Year. But a greater part of the exchange of ideas takes place when you participate in research projects with our faculty (as summer students or project students), form your own study groups, attend departmental seminars and events, and participate in the activities of your LMPSU.

So, a word about student activities and the LMPSU. Your Union is a cohesive and inclusive group that focuses on both social and academic activities. In the words of a former Departmental Chair, being a Pathobiology Specialist is supposed to be fun! In addition to pub nights and sporting competitions, LMPSU students organize scholarly activities like lunch-and-learn seminars and, a highlight, a major student-run research conference each January with presentations from outside speakers, students, scientist-clinicians, and representative stakeholders. Topics have included cancer (2013), aging (2014), and cardiac disease (2015). The Union accommodates a number of executive positions, from social convener to treasurer to webmaster; everyone that wants to get involved can, and should! Enjoy your time in Pathobiology, and work with us and your peers to have a great Undergraduate experience.

Doug Templeton, PhD, MD
Professor of Pathobiology
Program Coordinator