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Winter Pub Night 2018


Happy Family Day LMP!!!!

Can you believe it’s Reading Week already? Last Friday night, LMPSU and IMMSA collaborated to bring you a cozy Winter Pub Night!!! We had a great turn out with lots of drinks and food served. We hope you had an amazing time and moments captured from the night can be viewed here.

Please continue checking our Facebook pages and here on LMPSU website for upcoming events. If you wish to see higher quality and comments/tags for these photos, please visit our Facebook page. Updates on this year’s LMPSU apparel will also be available soon.

I wish you all a great reading week 😀

Come out to GAMES NIGHT on Nov 3rd!

2017 Fall Games Night!!!

Hello again!

I hope everyone had a great reading week and is getting settled into their caffeine-loaded, sleep-deprived schedules once again. 🙁

To cheer you guys up, let us reminisce about the good times we had just before reading week. On Nov 3, LMPSU hosted the first games night of the year! We had an excellent turn out, so thank you to everyone who came to join us! We had so many different games to play, served with loads of free food and drinks too. I personally was having too much fun playing Taboo so I didn’t really keep track of what everyone else was doing but everyone seemed to be having a great time, regardless of what board game they chose. In all, it was a fantastic night and a great way to wind down and relax. Enjoy some pics from that night here!


1-min 2-min IMG_3473-min




2017-2018 General Meeting, Mentorship Launch & Pub Night!

Hello LMP!

IMG_5999-minOn Monday Oct 2, LMPSU held its first general meeting for the 2017-2018 year, with a kick-start of the mentorship program and elections forum. We had an excellent turn out, especially from the 2nd year LMP students (woohoo!). The LMPSU exec team first introduced themselves, followed by a warm welcome to the LMP community by Dr. Kandel, the Department chair and Dr. Templeton, the LMP Undergraduate Coordinator.

We then had our mentorship launch where mentees and mentors introduced themselves and got to know each other as they look forward to the many events LMPSU has lined up for them.

IMG_3378-minWe quickly switched gears to the elections forum where we saw some amazing candidates give their speeches about their ideas for LMPSU this year. Some candidates could not make it to the event and thus Negar read-aloud their statements, showcasing what each candidate wanted to achieve while serving on the LMPSU. We had a lot of laughs especially for the graphic designer position #creativity #playswithphotoshop #memes. The night slowly came to an end with pub night where a lot of great food and EXCELLENT spring rolls were served!IMG_3429-min


I, and everyone on the LMPSU, hope that you all had a great night for those that came. If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry, IMG_3416-minthere will be lots of fun stuff coming – so keep checking our Facebook pages and the LMPSU website here for updates:




Pub Night and Global Forensic Medicine Seminar

LMPSU’s first pub night took place mid-February at the Fox and the Fiddle. The night was jam packed with great food, drinks and amazing company! You can tell LMPSU has been working very hard to plan so many events throughout the semester. Very recently (yesterday, in fact), not too long after pub night, we were able to invite Dr. Pollanen in joining us to speak about LMP and forensic medicine in a global community where science intersects with justice, law and social determinants of health. Here are some pics captured from pub night and the seminar, enjoy!

16990839_1255477257892546_1311302006_oIMG_7954-min IMG_7949-min IMG_7958-min





Beyond the Lancet: Conference on Surgical Technology and Applications of Disease

16722602_1318949441496915_6718769905431694773_oOn January 28, 2017, LMPSU held its 5th annual conference on advances in surgical technologies. We were able to invite 8 guest speakers, each of whom is an expert within the field of robotics, reconstruction, imaging or transplantation.

We started off the day with a talk on the applications of 3D printing in craniofacial and cleft surgery and wrapped up the conference with a presentation on ex vivo repair of lungs for transplantation. Fresh fruits and snacks were served during intermittent breaks and all attendees joined us for lunch in the stone lobby.16700632_1318949431496916_3901465910121317454_o
We had a great time learning about the various advances in surgical technologies and their future prospects in Canada’s health system. Attendees asked a multitude of excellent questions, eliciting very thought-provoking discussions between the guest speakers and the audience.
The LMPSU extends the warmest gratitude to our guest speakers and conference attendees for taking time out of their busy schedules to join us in making this year’s conference, Beyond the Lancet, a great success.16664925_1318951144830078_6910471319203166494_o

To revisit some highlights captured by our photographers from the event, please click here.

Thank you and we hope to see you again at next year’s conference!

Your Webmaster,

Tsz Ying 🙂


Career Seminar

On November 28, we had the pleasure of inviting Dr. Gotlieb to speak about career development and planning. We hope you all enjoyed the seminar and took away with you some excellent tips on building your career in the sciences. Please enjoy some moments captured from the event and we look forward to seeing you at the annual conference, Beyond the Lancet: Conference on Surgical Technologies and Applications to Disease on January 28. For details please visit: https://lmpsu.sa.utoronto.ca/lmp-conference/

15682069_10154205357728947_663604435_o-min 15658840_10154205358108947_1147650169_o-min 15658859_10154205358063947_216293360_o-min 15658137_10154205358068947_1672060156_o-min 15491950_10154205357713947_1654152764_o-min



LMPSU’s Secret Santa!

Hello LMP! It’s the festive time of the year again and LMPSU introduced its very first Secret Santa Event! This year, students gathered together to build gingerbread houses (a Christmas classic!) and exchanged heartfelt gifts with one another! If you couldn’t join us, that’s okay because LMPSU has more events in store for you so be sure to join us then! Check out some pics from the event here:

15184034_366650523682238_263808159_o-min 15204232_366650117015612_1584384956_o-min 15204297_366650177015606_1257371497_o-min 15216031_366649747015649_375821494_o-min 15216057_366649740348983_1521221377_o-min 15224621_366650147015609_1058207359_o-min 15224839_366650477015576_1460543429_o-min


LMP Second Year Specialists’ Night out!

14954424_552652748251204_1779028489_o 14970948_552652754917870_867923107_o

Second year Pathobiology Specialist students are enjoying a night out after consecutive midterms to get to know each other. The food was delicious and games like Charades and Never Have I Ever made for a fun(ny) evening.

Seminar and Board Games Night

CRISPR to Gairdner Seminar & Board Games Night!

In collaboration with the Biochemistry Undergraduate Student Society (BUSS), we had the pleasure of inviting Gairdner Award recipient, Dr. Rodolphe Barrangou to speak about his path from working with CRISPR to winning the prestigious Gairdner award. Dr. Barrangou shared many tips on searching for the path that’s right for us and spoke about ways to achieve success and satisfaction in building our careers – ranging from setting goals to drawing out venn diagrams and writing tweets!

In succession was Board Games Night! Pizza, sandwiches and fries were served and there were so many board games to choose from. Kevin’s favourite game was definitely an old time, classic, Twister. Funny how the twister board seemed to be much larger when we were younger. Many LMP students came out to enjoy some great classics such as Scrabble, Yahtzee and Cards Against Humanity. You can never be too old for any of these games.

Since there were so many good photos to choose from, please enjoy this slideshow of pics from the seminar and board games night!

Some extra fun ones:

DSC_0526-min DSC_0523-min DSC_0521-min

LMPSU General Meeting 2016

2016-2017 General Meeting, Mentorship Launch and Pub Night!

It was a cool and windy Tuesday afternoon and the med sci room begins to fill with eager LMP students. As they sit, they chatted amongst themselves, IMG_7282
meeting their mentors/mentees for the first time and the conversations buzzed on. As the execs are busy setting up the projector, we were joined by Dr. Templeton and Dr. Gotlieb.

IMG_7266We jumped right into exec introductions followed by a warm welcoming to the LMP program from both Dr. Templeton and Dr. Gotlieb. Remember guys: LMP is the name but pathobiology is the game.

This year, it was great to see many second year students attending the meeting and also running for an exec position. Each candidate had 2 minutes to introduce themselves and tell us what they hope to bring to the LMPSU this year. We began with the candidates for the 2nd year reps, who were all very eloquent and enthusiastic speakers. Next up were the graphic designers and the competition was tough. All candidates were very well prepared whether it was showing us their previous graphic design work or a short speech on their philosophy and approach to design.IMG_7278

Candidates for 3rd year rep and social committee member were also quite fierce. Each candidate was well equipped with previous experiences in connecting students through event organization. Even when asked difficult two-part questions from Sudarshan (our co-pres), all candidates responded confidently with a multitude of well thought out answers. It is safe to say that there will be some hard decisions to make when casting our ballots this year!IMG_7291

As the elections forum came to an end, we all headed over the Regal Beagle for Pub Night! The food was great, but what made it a stellar night was the people. Everyone was having a great time hanging out with old friends while making new friends, and getting to know their mentors/mentees. All in all, it was a splendid night.


If you missed pub night or the general meeting, don’t fret. There will be more great activities throughout the year hosted by your very own LMPSU – so be sure to come out then!

Yours truly,

Tsz Ying