LMP SURE Info Session

Take a look at the pictures from the LMP SURE info session we had yesterday. A big thank you to everyone who could make it. For those who missed out, we discussed the different research opportunities available in LMP. This includes, the research opportunity program, the SURE summer program, research courses, and research excursions. For more information check out this link, and stay tuned for upcoming events


Neural Stem Cells Academic Seminar

Hey Everyone! Check out the pictures from our Academic Seminar on neural stem cells today. A big thank you to Dr. Scott Yuzwal for his time and expertise. Also, thank you to everyone who made the time to come out to the event, we hope you enjoyed the talk. Stay tuned for our upcoming events, and make sure to join us next time to get in on all the fun

Annual BBQ 2019

Last Thursday we hosted our annual BBQ. All LMP students, faculty, and staff were invited, the turnout was amazing. The event had a lot of delicious food, fun games, and interesting conversations. Thank you to all the students and staff who were able to make it. For those who missed the event, make sure to catch our upcoming activities and join in the fun!

Event: Maximize Your Next Manuscript!

Hey everyone! There will be an event tomorrow afternoon at the MaRS building, featuring Dr. Brooke Laflamme. All are welcome as we discuss how to maximize the impact of a manuscript. Please see the attached photo for all the details. Hope to see some of you there!


Last Friday night we hosted a joint pub night with IMMSA! We had a very nice turnout, and a wonderful time chatting with people we don’t get to see often. Even though it was snowing out, inside the bar was warm and swell – because of friends, and also because of the buzz from the booze.

IMG_3990 IMG_3989

We hope you had fun as well. Now get back to studying! JK, don’t stress. Life is short. Take care of yourself. Christmas will be here soon, and that’s a beautiful thing.


Pumpkin Carving Social November 2018

Happy Reading Week!!!

Our first social of the year on Nov 2 was a BLAST! Thanks to everyone who came out Friday night to hang with us. We had so much fun carving the pumpkins, not only because it brought people together but also because we got to stab things and destress after all those midterms. And the levels of creativity displayed by the end results are truly amazing – really, LMP people are actually cool. See for yourself if you don’t believe me.


IMG_3685 IMG_3693 IMG_3695 IMG_3701 IMG_3702 IMG_3704 IMG_3708 IMG_3713 IMG_3721 IMG_3725


Even if you played games the whole time (I played games the whole time) I’m sure you got something out of it, whether it’s the candies or the baos or the juiceboxes or even a new friend. We couldn’t have thought of a better way to kick off the fall break, and we hope, if for some reason you missed this one, that you’ll join us next time (or join us again, obviously)!


Your webmaster,

Ying Q

First Annual LMP Second Year Reception

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our first annual LMP Second Year Reception. The event was a success with over twenty LMP students in attendance. We would especially like to thank Dr. Rita Kandel, Dr. Douglas Templeton, Dr. Avrum Gotlieb, and Dr. Michal Opas for offering their time and making the event very informative. We hope that everyone enjoyed the event and got to know each other. The LMPSU hopes to provide many more events in the future, so stay tuned!



Your webmaster,

Mike Lee

Are You Ready for Course Selection?

Hello everyone,

Course selection is coming up soon! To help you prepare, the LMPSU has compiled some tips and tricks (e.g. where to find course evaluations data) to help you make an informed decision:

1. See what past students think. To help you make informed decisions on courses and profs, check out the course evaluations from previous years (remember filling these out at the end of every semester?)

Portal (portal.utoronto.ca):


Quercus (q.utoronto.ca):


2. Select your courses based on your own learning style and schedule. If you prefer active participation, look for courses with smaller class sizes or tutorials. U of T also offers first-year seminars for classes of 20 students in a variety of disciplines. If you dislike sitting for long periods of time, it may be beneficial to choose three 1-hour lectures over one 3-hour lecture. If you commute, you might want to avoid picking lecture sections that are too far apart or are incompatible with transit schedules.

3. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Every hour spent in lecture/lab/tutorial likely translates to 2-4 more hours of homework or studying. Try to avoid creating times with overwhelming workloads.

4. Planning to take more than 5 courses in a semester? You are not allowed to enrol in your 6th course until after priority drops (starting August 3), so choose those first five courses wisely. If you are planning on taking more than 6 courses, you will need permission from your registrar.

5. Make sure you know when your start time is. Depending on your year of study, your start time will be displayed on ACORN on (first day of course enrolment for 4th years – July 11, 3rd years – July 16, 2nd years – July 19, and 1st years – July 26). Fun fact: your start time is dependent on how many credits you have completed. The more credits you have, the earlier your time.

6. Make multiple backup timetables. They will come in handy if the sections/courses you wanted get filled up before your start time.

7. Start early. You can start adding your courses to your enrolment cart now, so that you can save time and reduce frustration if the website lags on enrolment day.

Good luck on getting the courses you want! Stay tuned for LMPSU events throughout the year!


Your webmaster,

Mike Lee

Artificial Intelligence in Modern Medicine: Misnomer or Oxymoron?

Hello Everyone,

Last Friday, we hosted a seminar on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medicine and we were able to invite Dr. Templeton and Dr. Diamandis as our guest speakers.  Both speakers gave us great insights into what AI is, what it’s capable and the outlook of medicine with the emergence of some very powerful AI technologies. While jobs are at stake, there still remains many unknowns about AI safety and it’s ethical implications certainly require further exploration. AI is not meant to replace, but rather, should be treated as a clinical tool to assist physicians in modern medicine to better provide patient-based care. Despite some emerging AI taking on the critical roles of pathologists and dermatologists, we must remember that AI so far has been limited to diagnosis and there will still be a great demand for human doctors capable of showing compassion, empathy and having the expert knowledge for the treatment/therapy that best suit the needs of the patient.

I hope everyone enjoyed the seminar and here are some pictures to recap the event:

IMG_0770-min IMG_0771-min IMG_0773-min IMG_0779-min IMG_0782-min

Your webmaster,


Tsz Ying, So

Winter Pub Night 2018


Happy Family Day LMP!!!!

Can you believe it’s Reading Week already? Last Friday night, LMPSU and IMMSA collaborated to bring you a cozy Winter Pub Night!!! We had a great turn out with lots of drinks and food served. We hope you had an amazing time and moments captured from the night can be viewed here.

Please continue checking our Facebook pages and here on LMPSU website for upcoming events. If you wish to see higher quality and comments/tags for these photos, please visit our Facebook page. Updates on this year’s LMPSU apparel will also be available soon.

I wish you all a great reading week 😀