LMPSU Summer BBQ 2015


Another year, another grill. A bright, warm day rich with the hues of summer flooded Hart House Circle. Air was filled with the brilliant whirls of BBQ smoke which harmoniously accompanied the laughter of all those who attended. The patterned shapes cast by the lush of idle trees danced across the sun tanned skins of current and new LMP students, grads and undergrads alike. And with that, a new year was welcomed.


After much anticipation, especially from the unforeseen weather conditions, LMPSU’s annual summer BBQ day was finally happening. With a great deal of careful planning, the exec team was ready to deliver mounds of free food. Literally. Handmade beef burgers crowded the grill, so fat that they had to be cut in half to ergonomically fit in to the bun and in our mouths. Both burgers and hotdogs were paired with bakery fresh buns, really making the occasion feel even more special. The grill was fearlessly handled by our External Affairs Officer, Frank Hyun, and Co-president Charles Lee (with the help from the ladies of the exec team of course 😉 ). Together, all meat proteins were safely denatured (wooho!).



The most exciting part of the event rolled around when our lovely, eager and fresh faced (soon to be stress filled, sleep deprived) incoming second years arrived! Naïve, relaxed and innocent, they reflected what we senior students once were. Enjoy it while it lasts, kids. Upper year LMP students flocked about and helped welcome the incoming LMPers to the family. Some great bonding moments were fantastically captured by our super pro Internal Affairs Officer, Ashley Zhang.



11928711_593088310831753_66460431824199202_oWith the foreboding fall semester approaching, we encourage all LMP students to enjoy and appreciate what is left of the summer. Relax! Breath it all in while the air isn’t stabbing your lungs and giving you pneumonia. Oh wait that’s winter. But let’s be honest, fall lasts like maybe 2 months. Maybe.

11953409_593086787498572_640486048193997339_o11896412_593086050831979_2859623784378599456_oWe hope to see you all, especially new faces, at all our upcoming events. Stay tuned!

AND YES I, YOUR WEBMASTER, IS BACK. *puts shades on*


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End of Year Social

Last thing I could recount – it was September; the trees had leaves (wow, such rarity), the grass was greener, my sleep cycle was normal, any my academic hopes were higher. Fast forward 6 months and here we all are at the End of Year LMP Social! In all metaphorical sense, it was the calm before the storm. The massive (for LMP standards) turnout of second, third and fourth years lend itself to great company and many memories. Pogue Mahone was once again the host of LMP’s world domination meeting…oh, did I say world domination meeting? I meant community building efforts. 


Ah, -5 degrees outside, islands of ice clinging for life  – it must be February right? NO. It’s March. Literally the end of March. Exams are looming ahead and still a week of assignments left to go. But we all need an excuse for an official break, not just the ones we take every hour on the internet.


Thanks to the ever so enthusiastic advertising by current VP social, Michael Nguyen, many attendees including myself were eagerly excited about 20 lbs of chicken wings! Fortunately for arriving early, there was plenty honey garlic, and hot and spicy to go around. Other food items included meatballs, vegetarian quesadillas (which were actually quite good), spring rolls and nachos. There was no doubt that we had sticky fingers by the end of it.



The food was accompanied by games of “Never have I ever” and despite the apparent targeting, it was all in good fun. The night also followed up with a series of arm wrestling matches! Much was learned about each other and it felt like it facilitated some great bonding among the third and second years. This is not the end, just the beginning of something beautiful!

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Mental Health Seminar

A couple dozen LMP students gathered to what became an extremely engaging, interesting and open discussion of mental health among U of T students. Dr. Andrea Levinson and Janine Robb, psychiatrist in chief and executive director respectively of Health and Wellness U of T, gave a talk on the importance of discussing mental health, the different forms that mental illnesses can take on and the opportunities available for students seeking help. 

Accompanied by a plethora of pizza and soda, Dr. Levinson opened with addressing the different forms of mental illnesses including bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and depression. She introduced the premise that current undergraduate students are at a transitional stage, facing many changes in major events of their lives (ie. living on your own, university classes, new relationships etc.). Basically, for many, this time of our lives is like the more serious, more subtle second round of those cringe-worthy teenage years some of us may have gone through.

IMG_20150324_180110IMG_20150324_181927Whether it may seem like it or not, it’s an important time to erase stigma associated with poor mental health and openly acknowledge when there’s something not quite right. Fortunately, both speakers agreed that U of T students did exceptionally well in regards to mental health and overall well being despite the added amount of extra stress we face. However, the seminar touched on an important concept: even though an individual may be flourishing, they may still suffer mental illness regardless of how outwardly invisible it may be. Many such things may be difficult to treat but in general, Janine suggests that a daily dose of mindfulness in a quiet setting, devoid of technology (I know, the thought of leaving your phones/computers at bay must already by giving some of you anxiety) is critical in diluting stress and mental illness symptoms.

IMG_20150324_175429The health and wellness centre is attempting to reform their programs to accommodate more students and undertake a wider variety of issues. They offer many services for counselling, therapy and workshops. Visit their website at


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2015-2016 LMPSU Elections

Now that the 2014-2015 academic year is coming to a close, we will be hosting general elections for the next generation of LMPSU executive members. Come join the forum on our facebook event page! There you will find all candidates’ personal statements and their responses to your questions. This year we’ve got a lot of qualified candidates and tough competition. Make sure to exercise your right to vote on March 26 and March 28-30!




Academic Seminar with Dr. Pollanen

Many LMP students and alumni joined Dr. Pollanen on a seminar discussing the features of forensic pathology. With a nearly packed house, it was one of the most highly attended academic seminars we’ve had yet! After all, who doesn’t love a good mystery crime session? Dr. Pollanen walked us through a real life Canadian case titled “R vs Noseworthy” (Yes, that is google-ble).

IMG_3303    IMG_3311

IMG_3322IMG_3339What began as a seemingly natural description of an elderly woman’s death, ended with a criminal case of manslaughter. He started by presenting us an image of an elderly woman, who was noted to have suffered dementia, and described how a pathologist would assess her key autopsy features, everything from her clothing to the colour of her skin. Her unkempt appearance, apparent stench and multicoloured skin spots indicated neglect and abuse. It was really starting to feel like I was in an episode of “Criminal Minds”! The evidence pointed out to an unnatural cause of death despite her apparent congestive heart disease. After much discussion, it was resolved that the son of the elderly woman had been physically abusing her and had been depriving her the necessities of life! Crazy turn of events, eh?


The case brought light to the mind of a forensic pathologist and insight onto what a career in forensic pathology may be like. For anyone who is interested and would like to learn more, take Dr. Pollanen’s LMP415: Forensic Pathobiology next year!


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LMPSU Pub Night

“The snow floated in the air, gently suspended in time as we made our way through the dark streets. Only the glow of the streetlights and our phone screens illuminated our way. With the cold, harsh wind piercing through our winter coats, we huddled closer and shuffled our way to Pogue Mahone. We were led to a round table eagerly waiting for the feast to begin. Little did we know that we would have to wait another agonizing 30 minutes before our hunger would be quenched. Let the games begin. ”

– Ashley Zhang, 1T6 


Shots were taken and yes, the alcoholic kind! The first big LMPSU social night was started with a bang. LMPers from all years alike joined for a night of laughter, good conversation and best of all, free food! First we dominated Museum Tavern back in August, and now we’ve conquered Pogue Mahone like the majestic Emperor Penguins we are. That’s right, Emperor Penguins are incredibly attractive and social (I looked it up).

IMG_20141120_181610     10808383_10152932785637722_796653607_n     IMG_20141120_201713

The night was met with 16 pounds of chicken wings. Of course, that’s more than any one person can finish so it found its way to each of our hands leaving a scrumptious finger licking sauce behind. Grilled cheese sandwiches, loads of nachos, spring rolls and meatballs were also served. Food was delicious and really encouraged mingling between LMP students.

10805134_474532206020698_1435460295_n     10805516_10152932785592722_344168595_n     10818532_10152932785582722_780967776_n

10805145_474532252687360_1473188728_n     10819143_10154822260325043_1823199824_n     10811560_10154822260055043_918930797_n


10815749_10152932785617722_325550316_nIt was a prime opportunity for second year LMP students to get to meet the upper years in a casual environment and bond with other second year students. For the upper years, this was a good way to let loose before a crazy last week of tests, reports and assignments. It definitely led way to many Snapchat exchanges, selfies and creeper shots. Overall, the night ended with a blast (and a few missing items – but who needs a hat anyways?). I can’t wait for our next big event: Healing and the Heart Conference next semester so stay tuned!


P.s. did I mention how majestic we are?

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Research Seminar #1

Interested in research?

Join the LMPSU for an evening with Dr. Avrum Gotlieb for an opportunity to learn how to look for and find research positions that interest you, whether for the summer or graduate school. Dr. Gotlieb is a professor of laboratory medicine and pathobiology. He is the founding chair of the department. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and get a head start into looking for positions. Some topics to be discussed include obtaining summer research positions and selecting a research supervisor for graduate school. Refreshments will be provided.


BLIMP Games Night

A night a free food, games and raffle prizes is forth coming. That’s right, BUSS, LMPSU, IMMSA, MGYSU and UPSA have co-organized an exciting event where you can exercise your social skills, bond with other students of similar programs, show off your mad board and card gaming talents, and most importantly, have fun times! So, on Halloween eve, come by the UC Junior Common Room from 6 – 9pm and take this time out of your busy study schedule to snatch some free food and enjoy the company of your fellow friends and classmates. Have any questions, comments or suggestions for games you’d like to see? Contact us here!

Games Night

First General Meeting

Here I stand in a blinding white room. The clock reads 6:01 pm and chip bags have already been crumpled open. Voices of the exec team fill the void of a room too big for our own company. Excitement lingered for the final additions to our council family to come…

If today was to be anything like the turnout last year, expectations for attendance was low. This year was surprisingly different: one minute, there were basically only third years who showed up and the next minute, practically 20 new faces flooded in! As with all general meetings, we had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Templeton and Dr. Hegele’s introduction speeches to LMP. Of course without fail, they highlighted our remarkable program and the cream-of-the-crop individuals who make it up (essentially, we da best – but in a totally non-elitist fashion of course).


Now for the part we had all been waiting for: second year rep and non-specialist rep elections! (I can bet 90% of you thought I was going to say “free pizza”). A whopping 7 second years ran for the position of second year representative: Gao Xiao, Trillium, Armin, Christian, Aditya, Sudarshan and Jordan. Congratulations go out to all individuals who had the courage to stand in front of their peers, Dr. Templeton and Dr. Hegele to give their wonderful speeches and responses. It was certainly not an easy feat, especially with incredibly tough questions as, “What is your favourite colour of the rainbow and why?” to answer impromptu. With so many different personalities and creative responses, it quickly became a close race for first. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, there was only a single candidate, Andrew, for the non-specialist LMP representative.

IMG_20140915_194215  IMG_20140915_191120  IMG_20140915_193907

Ultimately, Sudarshan Bala and Andrew Rajkumar were elected and we’d like to welcome the two new representatives to the executive family!


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Green semi-lush grass, grayed by the basking leaves of tall, thick trees, hosted the annual LMPSU BBQ. It welcomed both old and new feet and the ever so often bun crumb. Warm BBQ smoke coloured the air while lively chatter radiated throughout.  The talk of free food drew all LMPers (and non LMPers as well – we don’t discriminate) with the greatest anticipation for the incoming second years.

Typically, one would walk past the UTSU building and really only take note of the painted Wall-E  roof architecture thing. But, with an aura of smoky BBQ aromas, it inevitably said, “big, awesome, party happening right here, right now.” With the academic year quickly approaching, it was time to greet the incoming second years and what better way to do it than with hamburgers and hotdogs grilled by our very own VP Social, Michael Nguyen. Like the natural born rebel that he is, Michael went at the BBQ apron-less, shamelessly dropping a patty or two through the grill bars. Regardless, great tasting protein patties made their way to Charles Lee, our internal affairs officer and temporary food server of the day.

DSC_0019      DSC_0050

One by one, young innocent faces started showing up and ah, of course, they were the second years we were all waiting for! Without a doubt, awkwardness lingered for a while and it probably didn’t help that we were stuffing our faces. However, with the efforts of the upper years, I think they integrated well. For all the incoming second years: it may still feel superficial now, but remembering my time as a second year, I know just how much you’ll come to know each other and love the LMP community. Having Dr. Templeton, current students and alumni congregate together reaffirmed the tight-knit support group the program provides.

DSC_0080     DSC_0045

Finally, congratulations to this year’s exec committee for successfully organizing and hosting our first LMPSU event! (Also, what a coincidence that we’re all toting LMP colours?)


Till next time,

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