Artificial Intelligence in Modern Medicine: Misnomer or Oxymoron?

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Last Friday, we hosted a seminar on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medicine and we were able to invite Dr. Templeton and Dr. Diamandis as our guest speakers.  Both speakers gave us great insights into what AI is, what it’s capable and the outlook of medicine with the emergence of some very powerful AI technologies. While jobs are at stake, there still remains many unknowns about AI safety and it’s ethical implications certainly require further exploration. AI is not meant to replace, but rather, should be treated as a clinical tool to assist physicians in modern medicine to better provide patient-based care. Despite some emerging AI taking on the critical roles of pathologists and dermatologists, we must remember that AI so far has been limited to diagnosis and there will still be a great demand for human doctors capable of showing compassion, empathy and having the expert knowledge for the treatment/therapy that best suit the needs of the patient.

I hope everyone enjoyed the seminar and here are some pictures to recap the event:

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