First General Meeting

Here I stand in a blinding white room. The clock reads 6:01 pm and chip bags have already been crumpled open. Voices of the exec team fill the void of a room too big for our own company. Excitement lingered for the final additions to our council family to come…

If today was to be anything like the turnout last year, expectations for attendance was low. This year was surprisingly different: one minute, there were basically only third years who showed up and the next minute, practically 20 new faces flooded in! As with all general meetings, we had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Templeton and Dr. Hegele’s introduction speeches to LMP. Of course without fail, they highlighted our remarkable program and the cream-of-the-crop individuals who make it up (essentially, we da best – but in a totally non-elitist fashion of course).


Now for the part we had all been waiting for: second year rep and non-specialist rep elections! (I can bet 90% of you thought I was going to say “free pizza”). A whopping 7 second years ran for the position of second year representative: Gao Xiao, Trillium, Armin, Christian, Aditya, Sudarshan and Jordan. Congratulations go out to all individuals who had the courage to stand in front of their peers, Dr. Templeton and Dr. Hegele to give their wonderful speeches and responses. It was certainly not an easy feat, especially with incredibly tough questions as, “What is your favourite colour of the rainbow and why?” to answer impromptu. With so many different personalities and creative responses, it quickly became a close race for first. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, there was only a single candidate, Andrew, for the non-specialist LMP representative.

IMG_20140915_194215  IMG_20140915_191120  IMG_20140915_193907

Ultimately, Sudarshan Bala and Andrew Rajkumar were elected and we’d like to welcome the two new representatives to the executive family!


Till next time,

Your webmaster, Lisa