2016-2017 General Meeting, Mentorship Launch and Pub Night!

It was a cool and windy Tuesday afternoon and the med sci room begins to fill with eager LMP students. As they sit, they chatted amongst themselves, IMG_7282
meeting their mentors/mentees for the first time and the conversations buzzed on. As the execs are busy setting up the projector, we were joined by Dr. Templeton and Dr. Gotlieb.

IMG_7266We jumped right into exec introductions followed by a warm welcoming to the LMP program from both Dr. Templeton and Dr. Gotlieb. Remember guys: LMP is the name but pathobiology is the game.

This year, it was great to see many second year students attending the meeting and also running for an exec position. Each candidate had 2 minutes to introduce themselves and tell us what they hope to bring to the LMPSU this year. We began with the candidates for the 2nd year reps, who were all very eloquent and enthusiastic speakers. Next up were the graphic designers and the competition was tough. All candidates were very well prepared whether it was showing us their previous graphic design work or a short speech on their philosophy and approach to design.IMG_7278

Candidates for 3rd year rep and social committee member were also quite fierce. Each candidate was well equipped with previous experiences in connecting students through event organization. Even when asked difficult two-part questions from Sudarshan (our co-pres), all candidates responded confidently with a multitude of well thought out answers. It is safe to say that there will be some hard decisions to make when casting our ballots this year!IMG_7291

As the elections forum came to an end, we all headed over the Regal Beagle for Pub Night! The food was great, but what made it a stellar night was the people. Everyone was having a great time hanging out with old friends while making new friends, and getting to know their mentors/mentees. All in all, it was a splendid night.


If you missed pub night or the general meeting, don’t fret. There will be more great activities throughout the year hosted by your very own LMPSU – so be sure to come out then!

Yours truly,

Tsz Ying