LMPSU Pub Night

“The snow floated in the air, gently suspended in time as we made our way through the dark streets. Only the glow of the streetlights and our phone screens illuminated our way. With the cold, harsh wind piercing through our winter coats, we huddled closer and shuffled our way to Pogue Mahone. We were led to a round table eagerly waiting for the feast to begin. Little did we know that we would have to wait another agonizing 30 minutes before our hunger would be quenched. Let the games begin. ”

– Ashley Zhang, 1T6 


Shots were taken and yes, the alcoholic kind! The first big LMPSU social night was started with a bang. LMPers from all years alike joined for a night of laughter, good conversation and best of all, free food! First we dominated Museum Tavern back in August, and now we’ve conquered Pogue Mahone like the majestic Emperor Penguins we are. That’s right, Emperor Penguins are incredibly attractive and social (I looked it up).

IMG_20141120_181610     10808383_10152932785637722_796653607_n     IMG_20141120_201713

The night was met with 16 pounds of chicken wings. Of course, that’s more than any one person can finish so it found its way to each of our hands leaving a scrumptious finger licking sauce behind. Grilled cheese sandwiches, loads of nachos, spring rolls and meatballs were also served. Food was delicious and really encouraged mingling between LMP students.

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10805145_474532252687360_1473188728_n     10819143_10154822260325043_1823199824_n     10811560_10154822260055043_918930797_n


10815749_10152932785617722_325550316_nIt was a prime opportunity for second year LMP students to get to meet the upper years in a casual environment and bond with other second year students. For the upper years, this was a good way to let loose before a crazy last week of tests, reports and assignments. It definitely led way to many Snapchat exchanges, selfies and creeper shots. Overall, the night ended with a blast (and a few missing items – but who needs a hat anyways?). I can’t wait for our next big event: Healing and the Heart Conference next semester so stay tuned!


P.s. did I mention how majestic we are?

Till next time,

Your webmaster, Lisa

Research Seminar #1

Interested in research?

Join the LMPSU for an evening with Dr. Avrum Gotlieb for an opportunity to learn how to look for and find research positions that interest you, whether for the summer or graduate school. Dr. Gotlieb is a professor of laboratory medicine and pathobiology. He is the founding chair of the department. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and get a head start into looking for positions. Some topics to be discussed include obtaining summer research positions and selecting a research supervisor for graduate school. Refreshments will be provided.