Charity Dodgeball! Nov.7th!!!

The LMPSU is hosting its 3rd annual U of T Charity Dodgeball Tournament! Teams from all disciplines are welcome.

Download Registration and Waiver Forms here:

-5 players per team (Each person can only be on a single team. No substitutions allowed!)
-$15 registration fee per team
-The winning team will have the tournament proceeds donated to their charity of choice as well as a free pizza party!

**IMPORTANT: Teams have to fill out registration forms and waiver forms. Both forms along with the registration fee are to be given back to LMPSU by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4th, 2013. Forms and fees can be dropped off in the LMPSU mailbox in MSB6209 (LMP Undergraduate Office). You also have the option of dropping your forms and fees at the table in the front lobby of Gerstein the week of October 28th and Monday November 4th between 10am to 5pm.

Photos of the event will be taken and may be published. If you do not want photos of yourself to be taken, then please let us know ASAP!

For the full rules of the game, find them on Facebook here:

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