CRISPR to Gairdner Seminar & Board Games Night!

In collaboration with the Biochemistry Undergraduate Student Society (BUSS), we had the pleasure of inviting Gairdner Award recipient, Dr. Rodolphe Barrangou to speak about his path from working with CRISPR to winning the prestigious Gairdner award. Dr. Barrangou shared many tips on searching for the path that’s right for us and spoke about ways to achieve success and satisfaction in building our careers – ranging from setting goals to drawing out venn diagrams and writing tweets!

In succession was Board Games Night! Pizza, sandwiches and fries were served and there were so many board games to choose from. Kevin’s favourite game was definitely an old time, classic, Twister. Funny how the twister board seemed to be much larger when we were younger. Many LMP students came out to enjoy some great classics such as Scrabble, Yahtzee and Cards Against Humanity. You can never be too old for any of these games.

Since there were so many good photos to choose from, please enjoy this slideshow of pics from the seminar and board games night!

Some extra fun ones:

DSC_0526-min DSC_0523-min DSC_0521-min

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